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How does the EcoBarrier Eliminator Product work?

VAMA’s EcoBarrier Eliminator solution treats bed bug infestations. Employees can implement a simple protocol allowing immediate response to a bed bug occurrence or infestation.

How many rooms can be treated with one bottle of EcoBarrier Eliminator?

The bottle will complete the full treatment process of (1) 300-400 square foot room and the baseboards of the adjoining rooms including the ones above and below. A full treatment consists of 16 ounces. 8 to 12 ounces are sprayed in the infested room on day 1 and day 14. The adjacent rooms are treated with 1.5 to 2 ounces per room based on protocol instructions.

When can a room be back in service after using EcoBarrier Eliminator?

The room can be back in service in 4 hours.

How long does it take to air out a room once EcoBarrier Eliminator has been applied?

Based on the air circulation, the room will air out in a few hours.

How does the EcoBarrier Prevention Product work?

VAMA’s EcoBarrier Prevention makes the environment inhospitable to bed bugs. It creates a barrier which prevents and repels bed bugs from colonizing, therefore reducing occurrences.

How often do we have to apply the EcoBarrier Prevention solution?

We customize a program to fit your current processes that will have minimal impact on your staff’s regular work. Key areas are sprayed twice a week for the first week; then once every week going forward.

How much of the EcoBarrier Prevention solution do we spray?

A 300 to 400 square foot room will use ½ an ounce. Key areas to spray are the headboard, around the mattress seams and box springs, closet, luggage rack, couch, and where luggage can be placed.

Can the EcoBarrier Prevention contract be cancelled at anytime?

The contract can be terminated within the first 90 days. Any prorated monies will be returned less a $99 cancellation fee.

What kind of guarantee do you offer if we are dissatisfied with the product?

We stand behind our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are VAMA products Green Certified?

VAMA uses GRAS “generally regarded as safe” materials. Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Section 25(b) and California regulations exempt minimum risk pesticide products from registration, provided they meet certain criteria. Our solutions meet FIFRA’s criteria and we qualify as 25B exempt.

Will either product damage the furniture or fabric?

Because the solutions are made of plant based oils it will not damage furniture or fabric.

Will the furniture or mattresses need to be replaced?

Generally speaking, no

What size are the bottles?

Both EcoBarrier solutions come in 32 ounce bottles with an ergonomic friendly sprayer, and are also available in one-gallon containers on request.

How should your products be stored?

Both products should be stored at cool ambient room temperature.

What training is provided?

VAMA will provide you and your staff with:

  • Webinar training
  • Training videos in English and Spanish explaining in detail the protocol for our prevention solution and eradication solution
  • 12 months of customer support via telephone and email
  • EcoBarrier Eliminator incident report form
  • EcoBarrier Prevention checklist
  • EcoBarrier Eliminator & EcoBarrier application tip sheet
  • SDS reports
When new employees are hired, how are they trained?

We train key people at your property to be the VAMA expert. This person will be responsible to onboard new employees. However, customer support representatives are available to provide assistance when needed.

Pest control services are used to eradicate the rooms because an “all clear” certificate is provided once the eradication process is completed. This is done for liability reasons. Can you do the same?

VAMA does not provide a 3rd party certificate. However, your current pest control company can inspect the rooms and provide the certificate.

What is the VAMA smart technology solution?

VAMA has developed a targeted, highly effective and nontoxic solution using our unique receptor binding technology platform. Tested by Iowa State University’s Entomology Department, VAMA’s bed bug solution is three times faster and 30 times more effective than the leading insecticide.

What is the background of this technology

Research and development has been going on for the past 7+ years. Over 60 targeted solutions have been developed. Our bed bug solution has been in the market place for the past 18 months.

How long have VAMA EcoBarrier Eliminator & EcoBarrier Prevention been available for distribution?

VAMA is revolutionizing the pest control industry and our products have been in use by satisfied customers since 2013.

What hotels currently use VAMA EcoBarrier solutions?

Many leading brand name hotels as well as independent properties use our products. In addition to hotels, we serve residential housing, hospitals, senior living facilities and nursing homes.

Do you have any references?

Absolutely, reference introductions can be provided upon request.

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Kills Bed Bugs in Minutes!

EcoBarrier Eliminator handles the toughest bed bug infestations. On-premise staff can implement the simple protocol providing clients the ability to respond to any infestation immediately.


EcoBarrier Eliminator


Prevents Bed Bug Infestations!

EcoBarrier Prevention repels and prevents bed bugs from colonizing, helping ensure that bed bug occurrences don’t result in an infestation. It makes the environment inhospitable to bed bugs.


EcoBarrier Prevention