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VAMA’s mission is to alleviate insect caused disease and distress by using innovative technology that is potent, natural, non-toxic, and safe. Insects play a key role in the natural ecosystem but often cause death, disease and discomfort to humans and companion animals. There are a variety of other insects that cause major problems such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies, mites and lice. VAMA offers products to help control these insects using formulations consisting of plant based essential oils.

We utilize a carefully selected and scientifically balanced combination of essential oils based on natural principles. We combine modern research methodologies to develop targeted and sustainable insecticides. Through over 8 years of research and development we have developed patent pending technology and delivery methods.

The Science Behind Our Products

Specific olfactory receptors are unique to insects and absent in human beings. VAMA has identified a unique blend of essential oils that bind only to these insect receptors. One of these target receptors includes G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). GPCRs are involved in transferring the signals across the cell membrane. Odorant binding to these receptors is essential for olfactory related activities in insects, such as seeking food, mating, and neurological activities.

Our unique bed bug formula synergistically acts on the various insect receptor sites, thereby modulating neuron transmission. This interferes with the normal physiology of the target insect. The heightened receptor activity leads to disabling the target. The ligands that bind and activate these receptors include odors, pheromones, hormones, and neurotransmitters. The active compounds in our unique blend mimic these ligands.

Insect Receptors

Our Technology Advantage


Synergistic Action – VAMA products have multiple modes of action. The essential oils are synergized in a manner where the action of the combined product is greater than the subtotal of individual subcomponents. This is reflected in high effectiveness and our product’s ability to kill bed bugs at a higher rate and a faster pace than other products.

Receptor Binding Technology – Bed bugs are less susceptible to become immune to our solution since it does not enter the cell wall where their cells begin adaptation for survival. Our product formulation binds permanently to bed bug neuronal receptors disrupting their bodies from functioning normally.

Product Consistency – Our product goes through proprietary procedures to mitigate the effect of these variations and ensure product consistency and product stability. All our samples have been able to demonstrate a 100% kill rate for bed bugs within minutes and our efficacy continues to be high even after long storage times

Shelf Stability – Variations in product chemistries, caused by any combination of a number of post- and pre-harvest biotic and abiotic factors, may result in dramatically altered bioactivity of the ‘end product’ to target pests. Hence, our products don’t see significant variations in effectiveness and shelf stability unlike other natural products.

Target Specific – Our product targets bed bugs, specifically. They are safe for adults, children, pets and other animals. For example, it does not affect dogs, cats, butterflies, honeybees, or dragonflies.

High Potency – Though natural it is highly potent against bed bugs, more so than the toxic vector control chemicals that are commonly used. This has been verified independently by Iowa State University’s Entomology Department.

100% Natural, Non-Toxic, and Biodegradable – VAMA Products are chemical free and safe. They are composed of natural essential oils and have a pleasant fragrance.

Safe & Easy to Apply – Our products are ready to use with a simple application process (no safety equipment or special training needed). EcoBarrier Eliminator gives customers the ability to respond to infestations immediately. Our Customers are able to treat most bed bug incidents themselves without needing to call a professional.

Unique Prevention Technology – VAMA EcoBarrier is a unique product to prevent infestations. It can be used by cleaning staff as part of the cleaning process to prevent new infestations from developing. Consumer reports of bed bug infestations on the internet and social media are taking a heavy toll on hotel brands and revenues. The product allows hotels to take back control of their facility and their brand reputation.


Kills Bed Bugs in Minutes!

EcoBarrier Eliminator handles the toughest bed bug infestations. On-premise staff can implement the simple protocol providing clients the ability to respond to any infestation immediately.


EcoBarrier Eliminator


Prevents Bed Bug Infestations!

EcoBarrier Prevention repels and prevents bed bugs from colonizing, helping ensure that bed bug occurrences don’t result in an infestation. It makes the environment inhospitable to bed bugs.


EcoBarrier Prevention