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About us

VAMA is an international ecotechnology company that develops targeted, effective and natural solutions for pest control. We offer solutions for a range of insects including bed bugs, mosquitoes and mites using our unique receptor binding technology platform.  At VAMA, we leverage science and technology to enhance well being and inspire change with our platform of sustainable and natural solutions.  Our products are safe for humans, animals and the environment yet lethal to targeted insects.

VAMA’s bed bug solution permanently binds to neuronal receptors, disrupting bed bugs from functioning normally. EcoBarrier Eliminator kills bed bugs in minutes while EcoBarrier Prevention repels new populations from forming.  Our products have been tested and validated for effectiveness by a leading research university’s entomology department.

Our customers include leading hotel chain and independent properties, healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes and Real Estate Management companies.  We have developed a co-branded product with the 2nd largest reseller to the healthcare industry in the US.  Our solution can be applied to any bed bug problem, including cruise ships, movie theaters, retail stores and residences.

VAMA was incorporated in Iowa in August 2013 and has offices in San Mateo, California and at the Iowa State University Research Park in Ames, Iowa.

Our Company Values

  • We believe in the power and intelligence of nature
  • We want to promote effective and sustainable natural solutions
  • We love science and technology
  • We want to inspire change
  • We want to increase wellbeing for everyone


Kills Bed Bugs in Minutes!

EcoBarrier Eliminator handles the toughest bed bug infestations. On-premise staff can implement the simple protocol providing clients the ability to respond to any infestation immediately.


EcoBarrier Eliminator


Prevents Bed Bug Infestations!

EcoBarrier Prevention repels and prevents bed bugs from colonizing, helping ensure that bed bug occurrences don’t result in an infestation. It makes the environment inhospitable to bed bugs.


EcoBarrier Prevention