Targeted, Effective& NaturalBed Bug Solutions

Our smart technology formula has
a unique receptor binding technology
that kills bed bugs naturally.
Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science…


Fast Action

Fast acting

  • 3X times more effective andup to 30 times faster than chemical pesticides
  • Fast acting and kills 100% of bed bugs in minutes, rather than days or weeks


  • 100% natural, non-toxic,biodegradable, green and sustainable
  • No pesticides or insecticidesever used in any VAMA formulation

Independent Lab Test:
How EcoBarrier Eliminator affects bed bugs



  • Targeted and lethal to bed bugs yet safe for humans, animals and the environment
  • Utilizes proven receptor binding technologies backed by 8 years of R & D
  • Proprietary production processes ensure shelf stability and product consistency
  • Easy application to areas where bed bugs hide and colonize


  • 3X times more effective and up to 30 times faster than chemical pesticides
  • 100% mortality rate as tested independently by a leading research university
  • Fast acting and kills 100% of bed bugs in minutes, rather than days or weeks
  • Residual efficacy continues to kill bed bugs and prevent them from colonizing


  • 100% natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, green & sustainable, and safe
  • Made with FDA designated GRAS 'Generally Recognized As Safe' materials
  • No pesticides or insecticides ever used in any VAMA formulation
  • EPA 25B exempt and safe to use in even the most sensitive environments

Sr. Director of Operations, Top 100 Management Group

“We have been having problems with reoccurring bed bug infestations and had over eight infestations last year. We began using VAMA’s EcoBarrier Prevention program six month ago and have not had a single infestation. I recommend this to every hotel manager”

Executive, Real Estate

“VAMA has revolutionized the way we treat bed bug infestations by increasing effectiveness while decreasing response time and cost. This has led to a dramatic quality of life improvement for our tenants and a healthier bottom line for our properties.”

Hotel Owner

“We have had a reoccurring bed bug problem in one of our guest rooms and have tried many different treatments with no success. The room was kept out of service for months. Since using VAMA’s EcoBarrier solution, the problem is gone. Best of all, it is easy to apply and effective.”

Executive Director of Housekeeping, Major Hotel Chain

“We were tired of bed bug infestations and dealing with pest control guys. Then we tried VAMA. Using their EcoBarrier Eliminator spray my staff was able to take care of the problem in an hour and we put the room back in service. Amazing! Since then we have been on the EcoBarrier Prevention program and have had zero infestations.”


Kills Bed Bugs in Minutes!

EcoBarrier Eliminator handles the toughest bed bug infestations. On-premise staff can implement the simple protocol providing clients the ability to respond to any infestation immediately.


EcoBarrier Prevention

Prevents Bed Bug Infestations!

EcoBarrier Prevention repels and prevents bed bugs from colonizing, helping ensure that bed bug occurrences don't result in an infestation. It makes the environment inhospitable to bed bugs.



At VAMA, we leverage science and technology to enhance well being and inspire change with our platform of sustainable and natural solutions to pest control.

Our customers include leading hotel chain and independent properties, healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, and real estate management companies. Our solution can be applied to bed bug problems wherever you find them, including cruise ships, movie theaters, retail stores and residences.







Pelargonium x hortorum
(Common Name: geranium)
Exhibits synergistic binding
with bed bug receptors

Targeted, effective and natural

Our proprietary procedure and formulation reduce variations in the bioactivity of our product. This provides shelf stability and product consistency so your facility is able to confidently take care of an infestation immediately.

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fast acting with high mortality rates

Our products have multiple modes of action. The unique blend formulations contain essential oils that are synergized in a manner that creates highly potent solutions.

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bed bugs and how to identify them

Bed bugs are small, oval, brownish parasitic insects that feed on the blood of animals or humans. They have been in resurgence over the past 20 years, spreading at a very rapid rate. One (pregnant) bed bug can result in 30,000 bed bugs in 6 months if not treated.

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